1 MPa = 0.145037738007 ksi

Therefore to convert ksi to MPa:
- Divide the ksi value by 0.145037738007
Formula = ksi / 0.145037738007

How to Convert ksi to MPa

A few conversions for ksi to Mpa values: 
1 ksi = 6.89475908677537 MPa
20 ksi = 137.8951817355074 Mpa
50 ksi = 344.7379543387685 MPa
70 ksi = 482.6331360742759 MPa
85 ksi = 586.0545223759065 MPa
Conversely, to convert Mpa to ksi, 
- Multiply the Mpa value by 0.145037738007
Formula = MPa * 0.145037738007
Why Convert ksi to MPa
Mpa being the metric unit of measurement is more widely used than ksi. The 'ksi to MPa formula' would be used when one wants to convert the Imperial unit of measurement (i.e. ksi) to the more commonly used SI metric system (i.e. MPa). USA, along with Burma and Liberia are the countries that still use the Imperial system of measurement. 

There is a free and easy way to convert ksi to MPa here